Stearns Lending Mortgage

Stearns Lending services have been helping customers for more than 28 years in their journey of buying a house. They are well-equipped with all the products that suit different customer requirements. Home financing has not only become simple, but also a hassle-free process. Being an FHA approved lender, Sterns Lending is available across states and territories of the country.


Whether you are buying your first house or your next house, Stearns Lending mortgage professionals will help you find the best loan for you. They also assist in refinancing an existing loan, so that you can lower your interest rate, and thus save that extra buck. They have well-qualified loan specialists who cater to each and every demand of the customer. They take out the time to explain you the process, fees, interest rate and loan tenure.

Stearns Lending specializes in all kinds of loans such as FHA loan, conventional home loan, USDA loan, VA loan or even jumbo mortgage. It has a simple repayment process which we shall learn shortly.

Payment Process of Stearns Lending

There are different types of payment options available to the customer.

Online Payment

This is the simplest option of making monthly payments. This gives you the comfort of paying from your home and thus saves a lot of time. In order to be eligible for online payments, you need to register online. You will receive a unique login ID and password for signing into your mortgage account. Online access to your account will enable you to view your upcoming payments and payment history. You can also set up automatic payments, so that your payments are debited from your account directly.

Payment Through Mail

Those who are not well-versed with online payment can choose to pay through mails. The mailing address for the same is:

Stearns Lending
Attn: Cashiering Department
P.O. Box 8068
Virginia Beach, VA 23450

They have a different address for overnight payment which is:

Stearns Lending
3637 Sentara Way
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Stearns Lending is a non-bank institution therefore, you cannot get a home equity loan here. Also, it is difficult to find out the interest rate online, as the company does not post its interest rates on its website. It asks customers to undergo a pre-qualification check to see if they can afford the loan or not. The bank carries a background check to know their credit score. The better your credit score, the lower will be your interest rate.

Sterns Lending and its Best Features

Stearns Lending customer care department has received a lot of appreciation from its present customers. All its loan executives are attentive and put in a little extra effort to ensure that the customers understand the loan process. Customers have even claimed that Stearns Lending executives have handled even the most complicated financial transactions. They work with you to offer you the best rate possible.

Buying a house is the most crucial decision in one’s life. The process of obtaining a new mortgage can be quite challenging. As a customer, it is recommended to check out all interest rates and compare the best loan for you. Also check other fees such as origination fees, pre-closure charges if any and other penalties applicable. Stearns Lending can be a good choice if you are looking forward for good customer service and affordable loan products.

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