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PrimeLending Mortgage Review

Whether you are a first time home buyer, or want to refinance your existing loan, getting in touch with any of the PrimeLending officials can be a good choice. The main aim at PrimeLending is making and retaining customers for life. They promise the best of service and assure all customers a rewarding experience.


Once you get in touch with PrimeLending executives you will be connected to a dedicated loan officer. Your loan officer will guide you through the entire process and even help to complete your loan application. He/ She will stay involved till the loan is disbursed that happens usually within a span of 30 days.

PrimeLending provides a comprehensive set of home loan calculators so that you can predict your monthly payments and check if you can actually afford them. It is a good way to see what you can expect to pay monthly, and also determine which loan is best suited to your financial needs.

Why Choose PrimeLending for mortgage?

PrimeLending understands that buying a home is an important decision that lays the foundation of one’s life. It helps you to accomplish your dream of owning a house apart from providing personal assistance and service. They have a variety of loan programs to choose from, for example, fixed rate mortgage, adjustable rate mortgage, VA home loan, FHA loan, Jumbo mortgage and USDA mortgage.

They have a team of almost 1,500 loan officers located throughout the United States, so no matter which part of America you live in, you are sure to receive loan assistance. Since the year 1986, PrimeLending has fulfilled the dream of almost 500,000 home owners and continue to have happy customers too.

The bank has a simple pre-qualification process that helps you set realistic goals. The lender does not want to burden your pockets and therefore would approve only the amount that you can afford. If your credit scores are fine, and other finances are in place, pre-qualification happens within no time. The pre-qualification is a free of charge service provided by PrimeLending.

If you are among those who have past credit problems or other financial troubles, remember you are not the only one to face such hardships. The bank understands each and every customer’s worry and gives you a chance to start something fresh.

Interest rates differ from time to time depending on various factors. The final rate is conveyed to the customer, who can then lock in their interest rates for a period of 180 days. This ensures that you pay the same amount for the entire locked-in period.

PrimeLending loan officers offer personal service to each and every customer. They have a straightforward process and believe in keeping their customers informed at each step. Their website is user-friendly, which makes it simple for customers to understand and relate to loan procedures. They also have a mobile app, which is easy to use.

The company has been ranked in the top 10 mortgage lending institutions by Marketrac and have a customer satisfaction of 96%. BBB has given them an A+ rating, which means it is safe to bank with PrimeLending. Being in the top 10 lending firms, it is needless to say that your dream of buying a home will be comfortably fulfilled.

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