Huntington Bank Personal Loans

Huntington Bank Personal Loans

Personal loan is a kind of financial assistance provided by a bank that can be used for any purpose as desired by the customer. These loans usually have a higher interest rate but give you the liberty to spend the way you want. Huntington Bank is one among many banks that offer personal loans. Whatever are your borrowing needs, the bank promises to fulfill them.


Whether it is for modifying your house, buying a new vehicle, paying medical bills or consolidating debts, Huntington Bank personal loans can be of great help. They have competitive rates and zero application fees. With easy online account management, you can conveniently manage your finances sitting at the comforts of your home.

Salient features of Huntington Bank Personal Loans

Some of the salient features of the bank are as follows.

Easy to use consolidation calculator

Apart from interest rates and online access to loan accounts, Huntington Bank provides a consolidation calculator to check for yourself how much you can save. This calculator is available on their website and is user-friendly too.

As a user you have to input certain financial details such as your balances, payments and present interest rate. You can add all your debts and calculate your current expenses. The tool will then tell you how much you can save if you transfer your loan to Huntington Bank.

Friendly bank officials

The loan officials of Huntington Bank are friendly and work with each and every customer to understand their loan requirements. If you are a teenager, they would not mind going one step ahead and teaching you the basics of banking. If you are a prospective home buyer, they guarantee personal attention and explain the entire loan process.

Unsecured personal loans

Personal loans offered by the bank are unsecured. This means you need not have any collateral before applying for a loan. Having said so, borrowers will have to qualify for a personal loan that depends on an individual’s credit history. So better your credit history, the better will be your chances of getting approved for a personal loan.

Exciting discounts to existing customers

Loan rates vary depending on the tenure, the amount and also the creditworthiness of an individual. The bank has not listed its loan rates on its website, but you can find out by calling the bank officials. Huntington Bank offers exciting deals to its existing customers too. For example, if you have a checking account with the bank and opt for automatic payments, you receive a 15% discount on your monthly payments.

Flexi-payment option

The bank has a flexible payment option. You can choose whether to use monthly, weekly or a bi-weekly option to pay off your debts. Bi-weekly option seems to be the best choice as you get to pay off your loan faster and thus save on interest rates too. It also allows you to delay your first payment for up to 60 days without charging any extra fees or penalties.

In a Nutshell

Huntington Bank has more than 600 branches in the United States. This means, you can carry out your banking activities from anywhere you want. The bank is known for its excellent customer service and courteous staff who help customers in getting their finances sorted. There is no doubt in saying that Huntington Bank is one of the best financial institutions to bank with.

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