BBT Bank Personal Loans

bbt bank personal loan

BB&T makes it easy for you to borrow money. With competitive interest rates and exciting offers on loans, this bank helps you to plan your finances well. Whether you are looking forward to pay your medical bills, or want to consolidate all debts into one, BB&T bank can be a good choice.


Applying for loan and borrowing money from various financial institutions has become quite common these days. It seems that financial crisis and the need for more money is something that all of us go through at some point or the other. Out of all the other banks in the market, BB&T Bank loans are trusted and even widely requested.

Why BB&T Personal Loan?

BB&T offers a wide range of banking services such as investment management, mortgages, commercial banking, corporate banking and so on. It has 2,100 centers and is recognized as one of Forbes’ 2017 Best Banks in America. The bank has grouped various loans under the umbrella of personal loans. Auto loans, recreational loans, marine lending and unsecured loans come under personal loans.

The loan application process is simple and easy to understand. You do not need any collateral for being eligible for a BB&T personal loan. It has the most favorable terms that will help you manage your finances comfortably. You can choose between fixed and variable interest rates that are reasonable as compared to other banks.

The bank gives you the flexibility in making payments. You can choose to pay monthly, weekly or even bi-weekly, thus aiming at becoming debt-free as early as possible.

Pre-requisites of BB&T Personal Loan

In order to get qualified for a personal loan from BB&T you will need to submit your credit report. Credit history is mandatory in loan approvals. Ensure that your credit report does not have any error, so that your loan process is not delayed. Your interest rates also depend on your creditworthiness. Better your credit history, lower will be your interest rate.

You will have to submit proof of income. It is recommended to provide proof of stable employment and residence in order to expedite the loan application process. Lastly, the bank asks you to submit personal finances report that consists of income as well expenses. This report would also give you a better idea on your cash outflow. You will be able to do a reality check to see if you can afford the loan or not.

Unsecured Loan and Preferred Line of Credit

An unsecured loan works out best for purchases and other expenses. The bank tells you your monthly payments, so you know how much you would owe each month. They are offered in fixed rates without any collateral.

Preferred line of credit on the other hand gives you easy access to funds. Although they have a variable interest rate, there are no origination fees. It assures low minimum payments and are approved without any collateral.

Taking a Wise Decision

Debt becomes a burden when you have too much of it. It is important to set your priorities before applying for a loan. Think of all the possible ways to pay off your debts first. Incurring interest and building up debt is not good use of money. BB&T also offers professional advice on debt management so that you can handle your finances well. Making regular monthly payments involves discipline and sacrifice, which is the best way to become debt-free soon.

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