Bad Credit Loans – A Complete Guide

bad credit loans

This guide covers everything from start to finish, including a basic tutorial on loan process and types of loans available for people with bad credit, tips and tricks to meet the financial need at no or very little extra cost, a list of authentic poor credit lenders, and guidelines for safe application and debt management.


What is a bad credit loan?

what is a bad credit loan

Let’s begin by understanding the very basics – credit report, credit score, credit reporting agencies, and all about credit. What is a bad credit loan and does it exist really? What are the different types of loans and financing programs available for people with poor credit? Is it a sensible idea to carry the heavy risks associated with such loan programs? Read more…

How is credit measured?

how is credit measured

Get insights into some aspects of your credit report. Understand your report and how you can fix errors if it has any. Why are there three credit reporting agencies instead of one? Know the difference between FICO score and VantageScore. Don’t get confused with a multitude of credit scores created and maintained by these companies. Read more…

Avoiding bad credit loans – what are the alternatives?

Alternatives to bad credit loan

About one third of the population is facing the issue of credit. There are three safe options. They can try to avoid the need of a loan. They can take time to fix their credit and then apply. They can try to find a substitute of bad credit loan. Read in detail about the option that suits you the most. Read more…

What are the best bad credit loans?

best bad credit loans

What if no options in the previous section suit you? Do you reach the dead end? Well, there may be lenders who consider several other factors as well besides just credit reports. Depending on your current credit score and factors, such as DTI, employment, income, and liquid assets, you may qualify at one or the other bad credit lender. Read more…

How to avoid bad credit loan scams and manage debt?

avoid bad credit scamsLending practices are not without scams. A borrower must verify the credentials of a lender before entering into a contract. No lender can guarantee a loan and seldom do you need to pay upfront for a loan. Avoid getting trapped in scams and report immediately if you are made a victim. Also learn ways to plan short-term and long-term money management and debt management strategies. Read more…

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